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Case study (Herald Express)

PHYSIO: Avisha Ramaloo CLIENT: Jane Solomon – marathon swimmer

Physio Avisha Ramaloo gives marathon swimmer Jane Solomon some medal-winning treatment after a training session at Paignton.

South Devon’s top long distance swimmer says her injury threatened career has been put back on the crest of a wave by the help of a local physiotherapist.

Channel swimmer Jane Solomon recently returned from the British Masters Championships with four gold medals after swimming some of the fastest pool times since her peak as a Loughborough University student ten years ago.

But when the 29-year-old Torbay paramedic climbed out of the water at Fishcombe Cove after completing a first ever Exmouth to Brixham swim on August 31, she was plagued by persistent shoulder and back problems.

“After that Bay swim, I was thinking that I wouldn’t be able to swim for ages,” said Jane.

“Just before that, I got a trapped nerve in my back and I was getting pain in my arm every time I swam, I managed to get through the Bay swim, but I’d had problems for years really, through over training and repetitive strain when I have lifted people in my job. “I realised I would have to get it sorted.”

Because she was doing most of her pool training at Paignton’s Torbay Leisure Centre, she arranged to see TLC-based physio Avisha Ramaloo. “I went to see Avisha really because she was on hand, but in one treatment she managed to relieve the pressure on the nerve in my back,” she said.

“I go to her weekly now, to keep things under control. She’s been a big help and she’ll continue to be so.

“I was able to train hard for the Masters, and I would have been happy with some of my times back when I was a student. I’m actually getting faster.” Somerset born Jane had completed several marathons-Round Jersey (48 miles), Manhattan Island (28), Lake Windermere (11), Chesil Beach (17) and a couple of quick dashes across Torbay when she posted one of the fastest crossings of the English Channel for years in 2003.

Now she says; “I’ll be training through the winter, ready for one or two big ones next year.”
She has her eye on the annual 28-mile race across Tampa Bay in Florida in the spring!

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