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I originally went to Avisha with a misdiagnosed injury which had been made worse by the subsequent wrong treatment. It was such a relief to be treated by someone who understood the problem and made immediate improvements, I am happily returning to full fitness.

I also had a long term problem with my shoulder which had become frozen over time, after over a year of going every fortnight to a chiro there was little improvement to the original injury, I mentioned it to Avisha and in one session she managed to cure the problem!

Avisha is a gifted healer and a highly skilled Physio. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who needs help with problems like these.

John Christian – semi retired Artist and keen amateur cyclist

John Christian

I have been seeing Avisha for 6 months for help with my running.When I break myself she fixes me. The rest of the time she does her very best to stop me breaking myself – everything you want from a physio. Avisha has a fantastic manner – you are always 100% confident in her professionalism and skill but at the same time she is able to put you completely at ease. Importantly, it is always fun to have a session with Avisha. Even when it hurts.

Val Shilling - PhD CPsychol Research Fellow in Child Health (PenCru)

I had an injury to my lumbar spine where I thought I had popped a disc. I had to immediately lay down on ice and could barely walk. My back was locked bent and was constantly going in and out of spasm. Avisha saw me that very day and after just 2 treatments the spasms had stopped and I was able to walk upright again with ease. Her technique and professionalism is second to none and I can highly recommend her services. I am self-employed and was stressing about not being able to work, but thanks to Avisha, I was back to work after just 3 days!

Nicole Berry

I went to see Avisha when I was 34 weeks pregnant. I had had a very comfortable pregnancy up to that point, doing my regular body pump and body combat classes twice a week. Unfortunately, my upper and lower back went into spasm and I was finding it difficult to get comfortable or sleep at night, and could not do my classes. It was at this point that I sought Avisha’s help. Her confidence in dealing with a heavily pregnant woman and knowledge and empathy instantly put me at ease. She mobilized my spine whilst I lay on my side so that my bump did not get in the way at all. She also gave me some deep tissue work and used some magic pink and blue tape on my back. By the next day my back pain had completely gone, and thanks to Avisha giving me the appropriate advice and maintenance exercises, I have been able to continue exercising through the rest of my pregnancy, completely pain free. Sometimes there is no bottle of Radox to cure it, you need a professional. Thank you again!

Karen Bourke - Expectant mother and fitness fanatic

I first went to see Avisha for treatment after having to defer my 2010 London marathon place due to injury. When I went to see her I could barely sit or walk due to pain. With a combination of acupuncture, manipulation, massage, strengthening and stretching exercises, Avisha had me running the 2011 London Marathon in a competitive time. It would not have been possible without Avisha’s hard work, support and encouragement. Since then I go for regular treatment so I can continue to run. I am extremely grateful for all she has done.

Mel Searle - Age 53 Galmpton

I have had a shoulder probem for quite some time now, which has resulted in a lack of flexibility and bouts of pain in my right shoulder. I have had various treatments over the years with little help or effect. However, after going to Avisha for just 3 treatments, the flexibility has greatly improved and the pain has gone. I would highly recommend Avisha if you have any problems with movement or pain.

Rob Butterworth - PGA Golf Professional

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Avisha has a fantastic manner – I'm always 100% confident in her professionalism and skill.

Val Shilling - PhD CPsychol Research Fellow in Child Health (PenCru)

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